Kind aus einem SlumEspecially on the edge of large cities and inside the country, oppressive poverty prevails. People live in wood sheds or below plastic awnings, without running water, power or sanitary facilities.

Poverty is a reason and result of child labour.
India has one of the highest child labour rates in the entire the world. Even young kids have to work to help nourish their family. They pick trash, carry rocks or polish shoes but do not visit a school. Hence, they are unable to support their own family once they have grown up due to the lack of education.

The Fam. Posielek Foundation and its indian partner organization, the “Change Foundation”, support projects that fight poverty and child labour by funding the cost of education for kids and young people.

Besuch eines Tuition CenterYou can support this work with your donation!

Here are some examples:
For just 10€ per year, you are supportive of tuition centers for school children.
With a donation of 25€, a young woman can attend a class in tailoring.
A training in beauty culture can be funded for 40€.
Starting at 140€ per year, a student can visit a college or university.