Individual support of students with scholarships

This was the first kind of support we provided in Vijayawada. Students can introduce themselves and apply for funding to visit a school, college or university. The first candidates were male young people who were accommodated by Navajeevan, a shelter for street children. But ever since, the support of girls and young women was of particular importance. Therefore, over the years the number of funded women increased.

A criteria to get a scholarship is the academic performance. Hence, every applicant must provide its academic certificates on a yearly basis. In addition, the family situation and indigence is of importance. The caste affiliation is non-relevant.

A couple of examples:

IMG_1012Rama grew up in the country side with his brothers and sisters. His father died when he was young which was why his mother made him work to nourish the family. But Rama did not want to work in the fields. He loved reading and was a curious boy ever since. Eventually, he saw no alternative but to run away from home. That’s how he ended up in Vijayawada where the social workers of Navajeevan picked him up and housed him in their shelters. This is where our foundation made first contact with him. Rama was very shy but extremely ambitious. With our sholarship, he finished secondary school and graduated college with a master’s degree in chemistry. Nowadays, he is working in quality assurance for a pharmaceutical company. He reconnected with his family and not only supports them but other villagers as well. He had an arranged marriage and lives with his wife and kid in Hyderabad. By now, they are expecting their second baby.

AR13-ChanduChandu comes from a humble background with his father being a field worker and his mother being a housewife. Navajeevan picked him up as a street child as well. He stood out from the beginning with his readiness of mind and analytical thinking. He is very ambitious. Our foundation enabled him to finish secondary school. Afterwards, a scholarship gave him the opportunity to reach a master’s degree in business administration. Today, he is working as a successful financial manager and has a career in Singapore.

_MG_6281Spandhana comes from a very poor family. Although she finished secondary school as the best girl in class, she did not have the opportunity to fulfill her wish of studying medicine. But she did not give up and made contact with the CHANGE foundation. They provided her with the chance to do a one-year preparatory course. Then she started studying at a prestigious university. With a one-on-one sponsoring from Germany, she finished her studies in 2015 and started her practical year. Her biggest dream, becoming a cardiologist, is within reach!