The Achim Training Centre (ATC) is a building of the CHANGE foundation which was constructed in 2011 with donations of our foundation. In February 2012, the house was inaugurated in the presence of members of the Fam. Posielek Foundation. It serves as an office as well as training centre in the suburb Vanukuru of Vijayawada.

  • _MG_6485Tuition Centres
    Our tuitions centres take care of up to 250 children in the age from 5 to 15. Workers of the CHANGE foundation go out to the suburbs of Vijayawada where many marginalized people live. They talk to parents and children to convince them of the necessity of school. Despite compulsory school attendance, many children do not go to school. In small groups, children are taken care of after school and are helped with their homework. If necessary, extra tuition is provided in addition to a small meal. The children also benefit from the community. The meeting places are in the backyards or in the open air. It is lucky if electric lighting is available.
  • Computer
    The Achim Training Centre is equipped with computers funded by donations of our foundation. Young men and women can acquire skills in computer application. Every year, a teacher offers three batches for up to 20 students each. Within three months, the students learn how to deal with different software such as word processing or accounting programs. After a final exam, they receive a certificate that increases their job chances.
    By now, there are commercial companies that offer comparable trainings which is why the demand has decreased. We consider moving the computers to another place where they are needed more.
  • Projektmappen des NähkursesTailoring
    Especially young women are interested in this kind of training. A tailor teaches up to 20 students per batch the basics of cutting and sewing at the Achim Training Centre. Most of the sewing machines of our foundation are mechanical which is a advantage since no power is required. After four months, the students can tailor clothes. This provides many of them with the opportunity to earn money to nourish their families. Special skills, such as stitching and painting of fabric, clothing or sarees brings extra money. Some women were supported in the acquisition of their own sewing machine.
  • AR14-BeautyBeauty Culture
    This kind of training is fairly new but is very popular. Per batch, fifteen young women learn the basics of skin care, eyebrow plucking, manicure and pedicure. A final certificate provides good job chances with good income.
  • Mother Societies
    The mother societies were created with the mother societies of mother Theresa as a role model. In the suburbs where the tuition centres are located, mothers of individually supported students have created communities with the idea of self-help groups. The mother societies are self-administrated but receive consulting from the CHANGE foundation. Students who received education scholarships from our foundation are motivated to contribute back to help other students of marginalized families. These amounts are donated to mother societies who help families in need but also provide new scholarships to students. The idea is to generate a chain effect.