Projekte 2013 - 1One more year of reaching out to those children in disadvantaged situations and their families is completed. Thanks to the generous support of the members of the Posielek Family Foundation and the children of ‘Sternsingers’ group and the elders at Menschwerdung Christi Parish, Nuremberg and the committed work of our staff and volunteers, we could make positive change in many children’s lives, who might have been otherwise deprived of opportunities for continuing education and to come up in life.

Projekte 2013 - 2Nagaraj Pere

On our way back home after a long day of field visits, one of the elders from the village of Erali at Koduru, Krishna district, 120 kms away from Vijayawada, just enquired about the possibility of getting support for one boy from the village.

When we visited his family, Nagaraj Pere with his mother, younger brother and sister, were sitting in front of their dilapidated one-room hut with no hope in their eyes. Just two more days left to file the application in the college for further studies! Pere completed 10th class with 90% – with full marks in Science and Maths, that too, studying in a government school, staying in a government hostel.

The family’s woe is their father, heavily addicted to alcohol and often beats them blue and black. Adding oil to fire, as Pere’s family belongs to a higher backward caste, he is not eligible for much concession in fee at the college. Near to his village, there exists no good government college for him to attend almost free of costs.

The next day, the boy was referred to the Child Welfare Committee. Fortunately, Fr. Thomas Koshy, a veteran in the Child Rights, is its Chairperson (also, one of the Trustees of the Change Foundation). With his efforts, the boy was admitted to Navajeevan hostel in Vijayawada with accommodation and food free of costs. Thanks to the negotiating skills of Mr. Nagaraj, our former coordinator, Pere was admitted in a reputed nearby college for Intermediate 1st year in Science group with a subsidized fee of Rs.18,000/- per year which the Foundation supported. The happy ending is that the efforts of others for his son and family opened the eyes of Pere’s father. For a number of months now, he did not consume alcohol, and started to work and take care of the family. Yes, many of us together, we can facilitate positive change, a U-turn, in people’s lives!

Education Scholarships

Projekte 2013 - 3The Foundation provided education support to students from the most marginalized families. Duing the year, an amount of Rs. 598,379/- has been spent for 57 students to pursue higher studies, except one physically challenged person received Rs.2500/- towards livelihood support – to start fruit vending. This year education support was increased from 27 last year to 57 students. While last year the total amount given as education scholarship was Rs. 388,259/-, it was increased by 53.11% this year.

This apart, the Foundation facilitated Women Societies – Pragati Women Society of Vanukuru village & Chiguru Mahila Society of Gosala Village also distributed education support on loan basis: to 39 students utilizing the amount of Rs.207,000/-. Also, Mother Theresa Mahila Society supports 26 students with Rs.112,000/- round the year. The stated amount is part of the revolving funds of these Societies, raised with the voluntary contributions of families of many of the students who received education support from the Foundation in previous years.

Usha from Vijayawada
Projekte 2013 - 6

This is Usha (on the right in the picture, together with her sister Sarojini and Barbara and Damian Posielek) in Vijayawada.

I want to share my experience and relationship with Change/Posielek Family Foundation to all. I am glad to share my experience for other children to come up in life. We were from a very poor family. I have elder sister Ms. Sarojini and younger sister Ms. Asha. My father, an alcoholic, never bothered to take care of the family. My mother was vending cool drinks on a pushcart on the road and managed to run the family; also, to support our education. My elder sister completed Intermediate in 2003. She wanted to go for 4-year B.Sc (Nursing), but my mother could not afford it as my sister did not get admission on govt. quota as we are from a caste with no reservation benefits. Somehow my mother arranged the amount for the 1st year, mostly on loan with exorbitant interest rate. By the time to pay the 2nd year fee, nobody was ready to lent money as she could not the previous amounts. It was that time, we met Anto uncle, the local consultant of the Posielek Foundation, when we went to meet Fr. Koshy at Navajeevan. Fortunately, it was the time when uncle Joachim was on a visit to Vijayawada. Anto uncle introduced us to him. After hearing our story, uncle Joachim was kind enough to support my sister for the remaining 3 years. It was literally a helping hand in time – an experience of His providence through the Foundation. Now my elder sister Sarojini is working in CARE hospital in Hyderabad, earning around Rs.20,000/- a month.

Projekte 2013 - 4Later, the Foundation also helped me too to complete my PG degree. In 2004 March I completed my Intermediate in Government College. After that I want to do CA (Chartered Accountant) course but due to financial problems, my family was not able to support me further. Along with Intermediate, my mother somehow managed to support me to complete the first two year of CA. From 3rd year onwards I had to go to Chennai to continue my studies. My mother could not help me further as she had to support my younger sister Asha also, doing then 10th class. That time, again, Joachim uncle came forward to help me by advancing Rs.50,000/- to continue my studies in Chennai. I completed my CA as well as ICWA (Cost Accountant). Now I am working in Infosys in Chennai as a Process Leader.

With the Foundation help – my sister and myself are now in good positions. I earn Rs.50,000/- a month. We also now support our youngest sister Asha to do CA. In future, we want to support some of the needy students to come up in life. Yes, we want to give back what we received! I take this opportunity to thank Joachim Uncle and his family members of the Posielek Foundation; also, the Change Foundation for their encouragement and support.

Skills Training

Projekte 2013 - 7During the year a total of 158 trainees joined the skills trainings:

  • 18 Beauty Culture
  • 55 Tailoring
  • 77 Computer

The skill training in beauty culture was really a hit. In the first batch, 5 are already employed outside, earning around Rs.4,000/- per month; 3 are self-employed, earning good amounts by doing service with own beautician kits visiting families. One trainee is in the process of starting her own beauty parlor.

The traditional skill training tailoring/garment making continues to enable the women, almost of them self-employed, to earn extra income to their families by doing piece work at leisure time, resulting in better education, nutritious food and healthcare for the children. Also, the income earned also help them to take loan from others at high rate. These days, the stitching and repairing clothes earns good amounts.

Projekte 2013 - 10The training in computer applications (DCA & DTP & Tally Accounts) were mostly attended by the students as added value to their formal education courses. Also, some women completed training Tally, and looking for employment. Two of them are already well placed We are in the process of shifting the venue of training in computer applications to a new village by next summer to benefit who are really aspiring for job along with students.

Projekte 2013 - 8Projekte 2013 - 11

M. Prameela

Projekte 2013 - 12I am M. Prameela. My father deserted our family when I was very young. My mother is doing a private job in one of the street children organization, earning around Rs.5,000/- a month. With much struggles she could support my studies until 10th class, admitting me in a good private school. I also received one-time support for my school studies from the Foundation. After 10th with more than 90% marks, the Foundation supported me to date to attend three and half year polytechnic course. It is a special Diploma in Electronics with specialization in Communication Engineering. I selected this college in Hyderabad as it stood first in the State in campus selection. I am now in final year. I could score 83% in my 2nd year. After the final year we have six months of apprenticeship. Thereafter, I am also eligible to join 2nd year B.Tech directly. I am aiming at more than 90% in the final year. I take this opportunity to thank uncle Joachim and his family members at Posielek Foundation for supporting me through the Change Foundation.

Sultana Begum

Projekte 2013 - 13Md. Sultana Begum is a Native of Yenamalakuduru village, Penamaluru Mandal, Krishna District. She was working in a fruits packing company where she lost her right arm in an accident during packing process in 2008. She learnt computer course at vocational training centre of Navajeevan Bala Bhavan. And in 2011 she got married and after 4 months of her marriage she started facing problems with her husband who use to torture her mentally and physically. She has a 3 year old son and presently she along with her son came away from her husband and is living with her parents. She was a school-first in 10th class. Presently, she joined Degree course in private with the support of Rs.2500/- received from the Foundation. She also works as an evening tuition teacher; also, helps at Child Welfare Committee on all Tuesdays in dealing with the cases of children under difficult situations referred to the Committee.

Zentren für Abendunterricht

During the year, 7 Evening Tuition Centers (ETCs) were supported in Vanukuru and the surrounding villages – Davulluru, Edupukallu, Godavarru. These ETCs provides technical support to 162 school going children from the most marginalized families in their studies.


AR13-ChanduChandu, one of the students in the first batch the Posielek Foundation supported. He is today a CA, earning 0.12 million a month Received “Winner of the CA Professional Achiever Award – 2012”.