Annual Letter Christmas 2015

Dear friends and donators!

This year was full of great and pleasant events for the Posielek Foundation.

In March, the Posielek Family joined by friends who were keen to experience the country and the ground work of the foundation, paid a visit to numerous projects in India. In Hyderabad and Vijayawada we reconnected with known faces and had the pleasure to get to know new pupils and students. For us it is a joy to look those young people into the eyes and learn about the dreams and objectives they have for their life. The discussions with the foundation staff and voluntaries enlightened us, while their spirit and drive to change people’s life for the better is a huge inspiration for us.

Pictures and more insight of our journey are published here on our new homepage where you can also see our new logo. This logo will help us to increase our brand recognition.

This year, some of our students have graduated with success. We are happy to see a lot of them supporting the new joiners by sharing their experiences with them. By contributing part of their income they help to make our foundation self-sustained and to multiply its reach via an increasing amount of new scholarchips.

On top, thanks to your donations, we were able extend our education program to more pupils and students. A big and heartfelt THANK YOU to you!

We wish you a merry Christmas and a blessed new start for 2016!

Travel Report 2015

PIC_1946In March 2015, members of the Fam. Posielek Foundation travelled to India. We inspected the projects in Vijayawada/Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad/Telangana that are supported with our donations. We received a hearty welcome during a meeting at the Achim Training Centre (ATC). This was where we met many of the supported students and were able to catch up with their progress. The women of the tailoring classes proudly presented their works and the beauty culture students showed us their skills. Members of the mother societies reported of their latest work. In addition, we visited two tuition centres and were impressed by the discipline of the children.

These personal impressions in combination with the exchange of experiences enlarge our views on life and the education of young people in India. It encourages us to keep up the commitment for education, equality and self-determination of every individual.