Dear friends and donators!

Education is on of the most important steps towards a world without hunger and poverty.

Observation as well as experience has shown that education of women grows a country’s wealth. Thus, if women get the same chances as men, the entire country profits.

Women that go to school get married later. They learn that they have the same rights and develop self-confidence. Additionally, children of educated women have a bigger chance of growing up healthy. With every successfully completed school year or training, the income of a woman increases. Later on, they invest a bigger part of their earnings for the well-being of their own family and the education of their children.

This is the reason why the Family Posielek Foundation cares about education wholeheartedly, especially for women in India where they are still oppressed and kept from developing.

Thanks to your donations, many children, teenager, and families were accompanied and supported last year. We express our deepest gratitude to you! Your willingness to donate pays tribute to our foundation and the work. The projects are shown on our website.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and good start for 2018!